Sweet Clover Honey​

Try our new valuable superfood directly from the virgin nature of Siberian mountains! It will give you energy for the whole day, help you manage stress throughout the day and sleep well in the evening.
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Start your day with natural healthy sweet: put it in porridge, yogurt, tea, coffee, milk instead of sugar, use for cooking, use against flu and cold and to improve the immune system of children and adults.  Good present for relatives and friends!


Sweet clover raw honey Honey Valley is a gorgeous honey of light amber with a very pleasant aroma, reminiscent of the smell of vanilla and fruits. It iis really one of the most delicious honey – mild and not too sweet. It is liquid with a small amount of natural crystals inside – for some kids and adults it is much tastier than candies. Tried once, people become real lovers of that kind of honey.

How To Use

It is especially good as a separate sweet, but it is also tasty with yogurts, porridges (instead of sugar), with tea, coffee or milk. Can be added to cakes and homemade candies. For people who want to lose weight it is recommended to use this honey up to 2-3 teaspoons – even a small part of this honey suppresses hunger for more than one hour. 

No Adding Inside

Honey Valley Raw Sweet Clover Honey is absolutely raw pure honey, with no addings:

No sugar added

No antibiotics inside

No temperature used while packaging, not blended

Nothing that could spoil the healthy benefits

Benefits for Health

  • Regular intake of our clover honey can help regulate your blood pressure;
  • It has strongest antibacterial activity and can sometimes be used as antibiotik;
  • Good in healing sore throat and flu;
  • Healthy alternative of sugar;
  • Reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and asthma.
  • Hair masks of our pure raw sweet clover honey reduces hair fall and scalp infections;
  • Try our honey for skin masks and you will see moisturizing effect, remove wrinkles, treat acne and skin inflammation, and regulate ph of your skin;
  • Has soothing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects, being also a painkiller;
  • It helps with intestinal problems, vein diseases, removes inflammation from the gastrointestinal tract, dilates blood vessels, and leads to sound metabolism.
This superfood is a perfect solution to combating insomnia and reduces nervousness. Sweet clover honey Honey Valley contains coumarin, a substance that thins the blood and copes with prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

How To Take

In case you want to use our honey like treatment
  • For children under 2-3 years old, they start from very small portions (small part of a teaspoon) and increase till 1 teaspoon per day;
  • For adults: 2 tablespoons per day, do not blend, do not put in very hot beverages. If you are suffering from diseases, please agree on honey treatment with your Doctor, and make sure you do not have allergy.
We are happy to deliver you a really valuable product so that you could enjoy it and make your life healthier and happier.
TareGlass jar
Volume300 ml
Nutrition (per 100 g)protein 0,7 g, fat 0 g, carbohydrate 83 g
Energy value320 kCal/1360 J

70 AED

Test Reports

Storage conditions

It is not recommended to store honey at room temperature, it can be soured and spoiled. High temperatures also affect the nectar negatively. The ideal temperature range is from 6 to 20 °C. Keep out of direct sunlight — it affects the nutrition and significantly reduces honey shelf life.