White mountain honey

Try our new premium ecological product! Gathered in Kyrgyzstan only 2-8 days a year at a height of 2000 meters, in the Tien Shan mountains; limited availability! This honey has a delicious, gentle mild taste.
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White mountain honey is monofloral — it means that nectarr consists only of esparcet pollen. It guarantees honey purity and uniformity and decreases the risk of allergy to pollen impurities. Our honey fully complies with the CodexAlimentarius standards – food products quality standards codex developed by the World Health Organisation.

Start your day with natural healthy sweet

  • Put it in porridge, yogurt, tea, coffee, milk instead of sugar;
  • Use for cooking;
  • Use against flu and cold and to improve the immune system of children and adults.
Good present for relatives and friends!

No Adding Inside

Honey Valley White Mountain Honey is absolutely raw pure honey, with no addings:

No sugar added

No antibiotics inside

No temperature used while packaging

Not blended — it means our honey has all healing benefits

That is why it has a natural color - slightly yellow, not absolutely white (unlike very white blended honey, that doesn‘t have healing benefits at all), with a small part of white coating from the top and a natural texture with small crystals inside.

Use Fot Children

  • Especially good for children for its mild and delicious taste;
  • Helps the child not to get sick when meeting viruses and infections, good in treatment of throat and colds;
  • The most non-allergic type of honey (in all cases the honey should be given to children under 3 years old and at first in very small quantities);
  • Promotes good sleep;
  • Also helps with overwork, calms the nervous system of children.

Use For Women

  • Not so heavy as sugar, especially in Ramadan time;
  • Treats skin and hair: moisturizing the skin, giving elasticity, eliminating fine wrinkles;
  • Well suited for masks against hair loss (for example, as hair treatment after coronavirus);
  • Can be used as a cellulite scrub;
  • Treats female inflammatory disease;
  • Helps women against nervousness and insomnia.

Use For Men

  • Increase working capacity;
  • Prevent heart diseases;
  • Enhances desire and passion.

For Everybody

  • Reduces blood sugar levels;
  • Strengthens capillaries;
  • Positively affects the digestive system, improves the intestinal microflora, heals ulcers, symptoms of gastritis, enteritis.
  • Can be used for treatment of teeth, gums, stomach diseases.

How To Take

In case you want to use our honey like treatment
  • For children under 2-3 years old, they start from very small portions (small part of a teaspoon) and increase till 1 teaspoon per day;
  • For adults: 2 tablespoons per day, do not blend, do not put in very hot beverages. If you are suffering from diseases, please agree on honey treatment with your Doctor, and make sure you do not have allergy.
We are happy to deliver you a really valuable product so that you could enjoy it and make your life healthier and happier.
PackageGlass jar
Volume300 ml
OriginKyrgyz Republic
CompositionNatural honey
TypeFlower honey

90 AED

Test Reports

Storage conditions

It is not recommended to store honey at room temperature, it can be soured and spoiled. High temperatures also affect the nectar negatively. The ideal temperature range is from 6 to 20 °C. Keep out of direct sunlight — it affects the nutrition and significantly reduces honey shelf life.