Buckwheat Honey

Try our new valuable superfood directly from the virgin nature of Siberian mountains! Buckwheat honey is one of the most useful kinds of honey. It is much darker compared to all other varieties with its color varying from dark yellow to dark brown.
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Due to its low sugar content, dark honey can help to decrease cholesterol or blood sugar levels for people with diabetes; buckwheat honey Honey Valley also reduces the risk of heart attacks and prevents DNA mutations that form cancer cells. Buckwheat honey contains the highest percentage of iron. It restores the body after training and strength after an active day. Honey also helps to cope with hypertension by stimulating the production of blood cells. It improves the condition of blood vessels, normalizes their functioning. Buckwheat honey Honey Valley is used as a natural antiseptic and prevents the formation of cancer cells.


Buckwheat honey Honey Valley has a thick smell of dried flowers, the taste is stable and bright. Once you try buckwheat honey Honey Valley, you’ll definitely remember its tart rich aroma and distinctive taste.

Nutrition Value

In addition to unique enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, buckwheat honey Honey Valley contains a lot of iron and protein compounds. If you compare buckwheat honey with light honeys, you will find out twice richer in micronutrients and amino acids. Raw buckwheat  honey is healthy, natural product with high nutrition value:

No Adding Inside

Honey Valley Raw Buckwheat Honey is absolutely raw pure honey, with no additives. Raw buckwheat honey, that was not heatert and has all the nutrition benefits, starts to have crystals inside after 1-2 month from the date of gathering. That is why our honey has many crystals inside that are very tasty.

No sugar added

No antibiotics inside

No temperature used while packaging, not blended

Nothing that could spoil the healthy benefits

Health Benefits

  • Buckwheat honey is able to strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood composition and normalize blood flow.
  • Buckwheat honey has antibacterial properties that help fighting colds and other infectious diseases.
  • For men’s power — since this product contributes to better functioning of the circulatory system, it is thus an excellent helper in maintaining stable male power and men’s health.
  • Best helper against cough. To treat your cough, take 1-2 teaspoons of honey before going to sleep. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after.
  • If you are suffering from diseases, please agree on honey treatment with your Doctor, and make sure you do not have an allergy.It is buckwheat honey that literally warms up the body. This is clear: blood is produced faster thus accelerating all the processes of an organism. You will gain rosy cheeks and beautiful skin!
TareGlass jar
Volume300 ml
Nutrition (per 100 g)protein 0,7 g, fat 0 g, carbohydrate 83 g
Energy value320 kCal/1360 J

70 AED

Test Reports

Storage conditions

It is not recommended to store honey at room temperature, it can be soured and spoiled. High temperatures also affect the nectar negatively. The ideal temperature range is from 6 to 20 °C. Keep out of direct sunlight — it affects the nutrition and significantly reduces honey shelf life.