White Acacia Honey

Try our new valuable superfood directly from the virgin nature of Siberian mountains! White Acacia honey is deemed as one of the most exquisite varieties of honey. Acacia honey Honey Valley is gathered within a period no longer than 10 days in a certain season of the year (late May - early June), at the time when white acacia is blooming.
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White acacia honey is gathered in ten days at the blooming time.  It has an antimicrobial effect and is used as a tonic and soothing agent. Due to its high fructose content, honey is easily digested. Our product contains a large amount of nutrients, as well as carotene and enzymes that are good for digestion. Honey normalizes blood pressure, helps to strengthen the immune system, relieves overexcitation and normalizes sleep, restores physical conditions. You can make a healthy drink with honey and lemon juice, use it as food additives or just enjoy the delicacy!


The honey has a delicate floral scent of acacia and presents a soft delicate taste. This honey is very sweet and has

Benefits for Health

Acacia honey has antimicrobial activity, is used as a tonic and sedative. Due to the high content of fructose, acacia honey is easily digested. It has a large number of nutrients, as well as carotene and enzymes that have a good impact on digestion
Raw white acacia honey is healthy, natural product with high nutrition value.

No Adding Inside

Honey Valley Raw White Acacia Honey is absolutely raw pure honey, with no addings:

No sugar added

No antibiotics inside

No temperature used while packaging, not blended

Nothing that could spoil the healthy benefits

That is why it has a natural color — slightly yellow, not absolutely transparent, with small crystals inside (raw honey can be absolutely transparent in only less than 2 month, after that it can contain small pieces of natural crystals inside and it is absolutely normal for high qualitative raw honey).
TareGlass jar
Volume300 ml
Nutrition (per 100 g)protein 0,7 g, fat 0 g, carbohydrate 83 g
Energy value320 kCal/1360 J

70 AED

Test Reports

Storage conditions

It is not recommended to store honey at room temperature, it can be soured and spoiled. High temperatures also affect the nectar negatively. The ideal temperature range is from 6 to 20 °C. Keep out of direct sunlight — it affects the nutrition and significantly reduces honey shelf life.